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Ah, good ol' fashion racism.

Not a whole lot of movement, but as usual the art is among the best on the site and the comedic timing is ace. I think you could have splurged the extra 12 or so frames for an epic beard man punch, but that's just me.

Either way pretty cool. It's brothers like that whom make me face palm for the rest of us.

JohnnyUtah responds:

im lazy, i admit it.

Seen better, but it's alright.


The BG was pretty bland...Lazy gradient fills for the platforms, overuse of the shape tools, etc.. If you're going to be utilizing the same BG throughout the entire short you may as well put some effort into it. The sticks blended a bit too much with the background, the eye can't discern as well with such small dimensions.

Animation. Not exactly choppy, but there wasn't much easing or spacing, they seemed to move at a robotic pace. I'd check out LF2Master's or Terkoiz's stuff to illustrate what I'm talking about. A fluidity so hard to achieve yet very pleasing.

all in all it was entertaining, but there's room for improvement.

Kwing responds:

Thanks. No way I'll ever be like Terkoiz...

I loved it.

The story was simplistic yet incredibly enjoyable. The minimalistic textured style was also very pleasing too the eyes. I only wish you would've made better use of actual animation. Things were sometimes no more than 2 frames long, and the fight between himself and the alien could have been much more epic. at the same time, it fits the style to keep things fairly straightforward though...Hence the 9. I look forward to more of your work :).

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Never imagined getting front page :]. The views are skyrocketing XD! Anyway this made my day. Good work to everyone who contributed to this.

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Made me make this face --:3.

Derishious track sir, I'm Jelly. Some of those upbeat little synths are gonna be living within my head for a while :D.

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Great character design.

Simple, yet it has more complex areas. Very animation-friendly and he has a lot of appeal!

especially dig the way you did the eyes and nose, overlaying some indigo-blues over the crimson red has such a sweet effect. Have you tried varying the hue more on his body shading? Often times digital paintings have more "life" in them when the shading is done with varied hues, not just values.

TheMastermario22 responds:

Really glad you liked it thanks!!! I'm not very good with hues XD In my eyes it always comes out muddy and dull looking. I definitely want to learn to color better. THANKS!

Great poses, awesome atmosphere.

Epic work :). Castle crasher looks really confident haha.

I lol'd.

Nice role reversal.

UnderARock responds:

hah thanks holmes

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