Places to find me.

2012-01-09 17:32:00 by FortressRubbish

You sexy stalker, you.

Conceptart: p?u=331128

email: dirgeance(at)gmail(dot)com



Also, I do take commissions. See my deviantart for prices.

I'm also available for freelance and part time employment :].

Much love,

Taylor P.

Places to find me.


2010-09-29 22:13:43 by FortressRubbish

Hey everyone.

I'm looking to make some money by sketching people's characters (or doing fan art if that's what you'd like). It's something I enjoy doing and I think It'll help me expand my drawing prowess if I get to reach out and draw things I normally wouldn't :).

I'm gonna open up 5 slots to start out with, once I figure out how fast/effectively I can pump these out, I may change that number.

Examples are in the art portal.


1 person:

sketch: $7.00

colored sketch (all sketches colored in photoshop) : $12
2 people:

sketch: $10

Colored sketch: $18

1. *open*

2. *open*

3. *open*

4. *open*

5. *open*

ALL Payments should be made to:

Please send me a note detailing what you'd like in your commission prior to sending any payment!

Coder please.

2009-06-18 13:48:21 by FortressRubbish

I've got several sprites for several unfinished games that can be utilized for future use if I happen to get a good coder. Go check these out and tell me which one you'd be interested in coding:

Sprites for Ninja game

2d fighter sprites

Demolition derby sprites.

I believe that's it...The ninja one is closest to completion, but the demolition derby one isn't far off.

OH, and the fighter one I believe has great potential, it's just a larger project.

anyway I'm looking for sponsorship. 50/50 non-negotiable.
I use flash 8

my msn is tjfp88[at]yahoo[dot]com
my AIM is Bearzhorz

much love, lets make a fucking awesome game together k?

College costs.

2009-06-17 20:54:00 by FortressRubbish

Are absolutely exorbitant.

I want nothing more than to attend the Art Institute International MN, but they charge $70,680 for a four year program; that's roughly $17,667 per year.

I can't afford this, as I don't come from a privileged background, my family scrapes by weekly, so how am I to afford FUCKING college? I could get a shitty minimum wage job that pays $6.65 per hour, but even if I worked 30 hours per week for 50 weeks a year, that's only $9,975 BEFORE taxes.

So lets say I dedicate each and every penny to school, $17,667 - $9500(after taxes approximation) = $8167.

Meaning I accrue $8167 of debt per year for four years, which is still $32668 in debt when I graduate.

That's a fucking ludicrous amount of money, I don't want to be paying off my debt into my late 30's either.

Scholarships? Oh boy; maybe I can knock off a couple 1000 dollars if I'm lucky.


They need to have better funding for low income families to go to college. At this point my future looks pretty bleak.